"Well, the person who has been with me, of and on, for the past 40 years is John Baker. 
He came to me as a trainee camera assistant, in my early days as a cameraman, 
and has been my Special Effects Project Manager and a very good effects technician 
over most of my movie career.
The reason you will not have heard me mention him is, because during my time in Spain, 
he was working on his own as a cameraman, coming to my group on my return to this country.
John was with me under Special Effects Dept. from about 'DUNE' onwards.
Terry Glass and Ron Hone are two more very faithful effects guys who have worked 
very close with me for a long time. 
Of course guys like Nick Allder, Brian Johnson and Trevor Woods 
all have assisted me in the past, and have gone on to be SP/FX Supervisors."
Nick Allder
John Baker
Peter Dawson
Terry Glass
Ron Hone
Brian Johnson
Alex Weldon
Trevor Woods
This list and the reports are continuously expanded.