Peter Dawson was a key member of the spanish adventure and loyal SPFX assistant for Kit West ('El Condor') 
He worked with Kit on many other shows all over the world as special effects technician.
He was in Norway with Kit for the Ken Annakin movie 'Call of the Wild'.
They let in rain artificial snow in Munich, Germany, for the Mark Robson Movie 'Avalanche Express' 
and flew to Israel for some colorful explosions in 'The Big Red One' (Sam Fuller).
Peter was also part of Kits Team for the really big hits, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and 
'Return of the Jedi'.
Peter Dawson was responsible for the special effects of the acclaimed Sci-Fi video 'Arena' for Duran Duran, 1985.
He was working for Stanley Kubrick on 'Full Metal Jacket' and did special effects for 'Batman' (Tim Burton).
Peter Dawson on the set of 'El Condor' standing next to the mobile SFX workshop car, the commer van, 1969.
Kit: "Peter Dawson was a Bowie films boy, but carried on working with me long after I left Bowie's.
He came to Bowies after working in the prop department at Hammer Films, at Bray studios.
He unfortunatly had a pyrotechnic accident many years back, but he never wants to talk about it.
Peter remained a close friend."
Peter Dawson in Norway, on the set of "Call of the Wild", 1972.
'Avalanche Express' - Munich (Germany) has experienced an enormous snowstorm...from artificial snow!
From left to right: Peter Dawson (SPFX), Jeff Clifford (SPFX), Vic Heutschy (publicist) and Kit West (SPFX).
Kit and Peter load a tank cannon with a gunpowder charge.
Sam Fullers 'The Big Red One' - Large explosions, lots of fireworks and an outstanding FX crew: 
Kit West, Peter Dawson and Jeff Clifford.
Kit: "Peter also, like myself, learnt about explosives in Malaya, in the army.
Although we were out there at the same time, we did not know each other then. Small world."
Unfortunately, the SPFX guys (and many others in the background) were not always getting the credit they deserve.
Peter got credit here and there, but he has worked on many more films without getting credit.
Kit: "He joined my team when I worked on a film for six months in Libya, called THE LION OF THE DESERT, 
and he stayed as my no1 assistant for many years after that."
A big desert epic ... but no credit for Pete. 
'Lion of the Desert' - Filming in the Aujallah desert, Libya.
Kit, isn't that Peter on the windmachine? And the guy in the dust/smoke under the wing looks like you!?
Kit West: "Yes, you are right about the 'Lion Of The Desert' photo. 
It is Peter Dawson operating the windmachine, and it is myself assisting 'rocking' the biplane,
which is on a gimble, to allow it to be rocked in all directions. 
The camera was low, looking up, with the plane and pilot against the sky. 
It works when there are no clouds in the sky."
In numerous major productions Peter was able to apply his knowledge and experience: 
'Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark', 'Star Wars - Return of the Jedi', 'Full Metal Jacket', 'Batman'.
He left the industry after a pyrotechnics accident!
Brian Johnson (SPFX Supervisor): "Peter Dawson had a terrible accident at Pinewood and nearly lost his 
entire lower jaw ... he is still the same old Pete, a very courageous man in my humble opinion."
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