My Dear friend Christopher John West passed away on April 16.
It was a great pleasure, a privilige and honor to know him!
His help and assistance was incredibly valuable to the website.

I'm in state of shock.

God loves pyrotechnics!
Cheers, buddy.
On reflection, I consider that I am one of the very lucky persons in life 
who have accomplished most of what they had wished to achieve from my early childhood. 
From leaving college, all I wanted was to make a living within the motion 
picture business, and now at the age of 78, I feel well contented with my efforts. 
I started as a trainee camera assistant with a company making documentary films. 
Next I was employed as a cameraman with various companies making TV and cinema commercials. 
Following this I joined a studio specialising in photographic effects for feature films. 
It was with this company (Bowie Films) that I made the transition to 
physical effects, finally becoming Special Effects Director/Supervisor. 
I have now nearly sixty film credits in that category, and the winning of 
an American Academy Oscar ('Raiders of the Lost Ark'), three nominations 
and the British BAFTA Award for 'Revenge of the Jedi', 
I see as the 'Icing on the cake'. 
I have worked with some of the greatest artists and technicians 
and have travelled to some of the worlds most wonderful locations - 
What more could I have asked for?