The '80s can be described as 'my life out of a suitcase' for Kit.
He was supervising the Special Effects of movies filmed in Israel, Goa (India), Libya, 
Tunisia, California, Mexico, China, Thailand and in Spain again, for the 
Steven Spielberg film 'Empire of the Sun'.
Kit won the Oscar for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and the BAFTA Awards for  'Return of the Jedi'. 
The excellent VFX movie 'Young Sherlock Holmes' was nominated for the Academy Awards for 
the best visual effects.
What a decade!
The Big Red One 1980
The Sea Wolves 1980
Lion of the Desert 1981
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981
Return of the Jedi  1983
Dune 1984
King David 1984
Eleni 1985
Young Sherlock Holmes 1985
Tai-Pan 1986
Rent-A-Cop 1987
Empire of the Sun 1987
Taffin 1988
Casualties of War 1989
Kit in Macau, China, for the Raffaella De Laurentiis production 'Tai-Pan'