The splendid time in Almeria (Spain). 
A lot of hard work, but also pleasant hours on the beach with the family.
After the time in Spain Kit was supervising the Special Effects of the movies of 
several well known directors, such as Woody Allen, Blake Edwards and Mark Robson.
He worked in distant countries like Canada or Africa.
Kit was the Special Effects Supervisor on 'The Wild Geese' in South Africa for 
director Andrew V. McLaglen.
In the next few years his work should lead him more and more around the world.
The Adventures of Gerard 1970
El Condor 1970
Doc 1971
Catlow 1971
Hannie Caulder 1972
Call of the Wild 1972
Charley One-Eye 1973
Dracula 1974
The Wilby Conspiracy 1975
Paper Tiger 1975
Love Death 1975
The Pink Panther strikes again 1976
Equus 1977
The Wild Geese 1978
Meetings with Remarkable Men 1979
Avalanche Express 1979
Kit West in München (Germany) preparing the SP/FX for 'Avalanche Express' with 
his assistants Peter Dawson and Jack Clifford.