The first steps of Kit West in the movie business, working in the Effects House of Les Bowie.
This decade is characterized through the wonderful apprenticeship with Les Bowie, 
the doyen of Special Effects in England in this time period.
But over time, he could also work for several international productions ('Battle of the Bulge') 
and became a recognized Special Effects Supervisor at the end of this decade.
Kit was the Special Effects Supervisor for the excellent Andre de Toth War movie 
'Play Dirty', with an outstanding Michael Caine in the lead role.
The movie was filmed in Almeria (Spain), a real metropolis for film makers from all 
over the world in the 60s.
The right place for a versatile young Special Effects Supervisor.
Paranoiac 1963
The Damned 1963
Kiss of the Vampire 1963
First Men in the Moon 1964
SHE 1965
Battle of the Bulge 1965
Lost Command 1966
Deadlier than the Male 1967
Million Dollar Brain 1967
Quartermass and the Pit 1967
Salt and Pepper 1968
Play Dirty 1969
Some Girls Do 1969
Mosquito Squadron 1969
Moon Zero Two 1969
Kit West (left) on the terrace of the famous Cap Sa Sal Hotel 
(Begur, Costa Brava, Spain), discussing the filming of 'Some Girls Do'.